Investors' relations

E-canvasser is a young and innovative company. Our attention is focused on identifying the political affiliation of citizens and rating social involvement in the population.

The technological development is combined with political research. This involves breaking old patterns. The use of instruments of E-canvasser has resulted in elections being won, political candidates winning, and the turnout of elections being stimulated.

For some time now, the Dutch media have given attention to the instruments of E-canvasser. Also look at the media overview. Furthermore, an increasing number of political parties, public authorities, and other organizations use the instruments of E-canvasser.

E-canvasser is unique in what it provides. It would like to build on this advantage in the coming period with new innovations and instruments to optimize the use of the E-canvasser instruments.

Plans also exist to expand internationally.

If you are an investor who is interested in becoming a part of E-canvasser’s success, please contact us.

Elevator pitch

E-canvasser helps political parties win elections via innovative ways of political micro-targeting. In 2014 political parties started to use the ground breaking and innovative analyses and interactive maps from E-canvasser to identify constituencies to focus their political campaigns. Those parties who worked with e-canvasser did win elections. Based on these results parties decided to expand the use of e-canvasser.

E-canvasser is specialized in political micro-targeting. Existing political campaign tools focus mainly on the United States and are based on available lists with voter-registration. In Europe these lists are absent. Political parties in Europe analyse results and define campaign constituencies based on ballot-stations. E-canvasser combines ballot-station results and Big Data analyses to provide campaign constituencies based on postal code level. Instead of 1.000 households, e-canvasser provides 35 households as a target group. E-canvasser is the only organisation providing this level of detail for political parties and has the ambition to expand its services from the Netherlands to the rest of Europe.

E-canvasser provides next to political micro-targeting additional analysis results like upward and downward trends, voter DNA-profiles where demographic values are connected to voter behavior when applicable and statistical competition and competitor relations. All of this is done on neighbourhood or postal code level. No other organisation is known to be able to provide the same. In recent years the analyses and maps are tested, evaluated and used by national media and presented as ‘redefining political campaigns’.

E-canvasser started to develop dashboards and apps to process the analyses and provide interactive maps in a more user friendly way. We also provide political parties the tools to analyse, define, organize and implement political campaigns, based on political micro-targeting and fully integrating the interactive maps and analysis.

What we are looking for:

A (participating) partner who is able to actually build the system and provide developers. The system (technical and process descriptions, database-models and screens are already available) based on the analyses and the already available interactive maps is ready for actual implementation.

E-canvasser wants to expand its success in the Netherlands to the rest of Europe. Management and sales-support to scale the system towards other European countries is therefore required.

E-canvasser also seeks partners throughout Europe to collect, build and process election datasets from each European country as base for e-canvassers country-specific analyses.

Partners who are willing to invest in what has proven to be a solid businesscase already.